Collection: Crushable Fedora Hats

Crushable fedoras at Village Hats. If you want a hat that can take a bit of a beating, this is the page for you. These hats will pop back to shape if you pack them for travel, sit on them or shove them in your coat pocket for a moment.

Crushable Fedora Hats from Village Hats

Every hat on this page can be crushed and will pop back to shape. So these hats are great for travel and someone looking for a hat that can take a beating and still look great. Please know that we do not suggest leaving these hats packed or crushed for longer than they need to be, do not store these hats folded or packed as it will eventually lose its shape and could damage the hat. We offer free standard shipping within the UK for the delivery of every crushable fedora hat we stock. Interested in more than just crushable fedora hats? View all our fedora hats.