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Top Hats at Village Hats. This top hats section has classic top hats perfect for formal affairs such as royal ascot, as well as mad hatter top hats and leather top hats for costumes. Either way if you are looking for top hats, you have found the right place.

Top Hats from Village Hats

Beginning with the French Consulate And Empire period in Western history (1800-1815) and escalating into the Romantic Period (1815-1840), high beaver top hats supplanted the cocked hat or the bi/tricorn as the mode in men’s fashion. When, by 1890, the St. James Gazette writes "When we are told, 'He's a fellow who wears a top hat and a frock coat,' we know sufficiently well what sort of fellow he is", the top hat's connotations are well established.

Our selection of top hats, as you see here, covers many bases and extends in various directions. We carry formal top hats as well as top hats for fancy dress. Additionally, if you are looking to buy wholesale top hats, please click on our Wholesale Top Hats page. To learn more about the history of top hats take a look at our info page on the top hat in our iconic hats section.

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