Collection: Whiteley Hats

British brand Whiteley Fischer bring you hand made hats that have been carefully crafted in their factory in Luton. Pick up something special from this unique brand.

Whiteley Hats at Village Hats

Whiteley Hats have been associated with ladies fashionable hats for more than 60 years and today the company is one of the UK's leading hat manufacturers. All of Whiteley Hats are designed and manufactured in their modern factory in Luton, a town which has been the centre of the British hat industry since the 17th century. Every Whiteley hat is individually made and hand finished using traditional skills during each manufacturing stage and extensive use is made of materials woven from natural fibres including the finest quality straws and pure silks.

Whiteley Hat designs reflect the latest seasonal fashion trends in both style and colour, making them the perfect compliment to wear with any outfit on any occasion.