Collection: Men's Flat Caps

Enjoy our huge selection of flat caps for men. We stock more men's flat cap styles, patterns, materials, colours and brands than any company in the UK and possibly the world. No matter if it is summer or winter, we have the men's flat cap for you.

Men's Flat Caps at Village Hats

This is it, the largest selection of men's flat caps in the UK or Europe. There are literally hundreds of styles from major hat brands from all over the world. That means we have men's flat caps in a number of different patterns, materials, fabrics, and shapes. It also means that we have men's flat caps for amazing prices as well as the highest quality men's flat caps in the world. You will be able to find men's flat caps for summer and men's flat caps for winter. We are confidant that with this huge selection of men's flat caps, every man will be able to find a flat cap that they like. Interested in more than just men's flat caps? View all our men's hats.