Collection: Cowboy Hats

An American classic, the cowboy hat is perhaps the most iconic hat style in the world. With our wide selection of styles, colours and materials from the world's finest brands, we're certain you'll find the perfect hat for your wild west adventure.

Cowboy Hats at Village Hats

Village Hats carries an excellent selection of cowboy hats in wool felt, leather and straw by world famous manufacturers Jaxon & James, Stetson, Scala and Dorfman Pacific. With our phenomenal variety of styles and prices for any budget it should be easy to find the cowboy hat you are looking for.

The iconic hat of America's West, the cowboy hat was so useful as a result of its big brim and high crown which protected the wearer from the elements--sun, rain, hail, snow, dust, mosquitoes, flies, and low branches. He could carry water in his cowboy hat or use it to whip his horse or cow. In short order a big handsome Stetson Cowboy Hat became his sartorial piece de resistance when courting the ladies. If you want to learn more about the history of the cowboy hat take a look at our info page on the cowboy hat.