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Bowler Hats. Here we have our selection of bowler hats from world famous manufactures in high quality materials. We have bowler hats in fur felt, wool felt and for fancy dress, so there are bowler hats at many prices and for any occasion. Enjoy.

Bowler Hats from Village Hats

The first hat of the industrial age, the bowler was designed in 1850 by the Bowler family of Southwark London, specifically for a customer of England's pre-eminent hat maker, Lock's of St. James's. William Coke needed a practical, simple, rigid, durable hat to protect his gamekeeper's head; a hat that would stand up to the most demanding of conditions, including riding in pursuit of poachers. Coke tested the bowler hat prototype by standing on its crown in Lock's showroom… twice. It passed the test. (Caution: Those were different times - don't try this at home.)

The bowler hat was quickly adopted as sporting attire by the gentry and, soon after, became the headgear of choice across the entire social spectrum. It was particularly popular in the late 19th century with the crowd at the Derby horse race at Epsom Downs. Americans took to calling the hat the "derby hat". The hat of bankers, workers and clowns, the bowler hat is one of the most popular and successful hats ever produced, and the finest bowlers are still manufactured in England.

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