Collection: Panama Hats

Panama Hats! Possibly the most famous hat style in the world, panama hats are handmade items that can take weeks to weave. When you look at the panama hats below, know that you are seeing handmade, iconic items sourced from western South America.

Panama Hats from Village Hats

Panama hats are not from Panama but from the low-lands of western South America, primarily Ecuador. A Panama hat is made from Panama straw (Latin name Carludovica palmata or local common name paja toquilla), and therefore a Panama hat is not a style but rather a hat from this particular straw material. Panama hats are blocked in virtually any style.

The quality of Panama hats can vary significantly. A novice buyer should be careful when buying a fine quality Panama hat; the retail market is neither clear nor consistent regarding grading and pricing. Quality is determined by the fineness of the weave. The straw used to make Panama hats can continually be made thinner, or finer, by dividing the strand of straw in half. Every time the straw width is halved (via fingernail), the amount of work required to weave the hat is multiplied four times.

We have Panama hats from some of the finest manufacturers in the world. Hat bodies that are made in the western regions of South America are then shipped to UK manufacturers such as Failsworth, Whiteley and Christys whose Panama hats are finished off right here in England. There are also European manufacturers such as Borsalino and City Sport whose Panama hats are finished off in their factories in Italy and Belgium. Last but not least, we have our own Jaxon & James brand which carries Panama hats blocked and finished by factories while still in Ecuador. When you buy a Panama Hat, know you’re buying a hand-made item with centuries of tradition.

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