Collection: Highland 2000 Hats

Highland 2000 is a very popular brand here at Village Hats. They are made in England with high quality materials using traditional and modern methods.

Highland 2000 Hats from Village Hats

Highland 2000 hats is a small family run business. Their factory is in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, in the heart of rural England. All of Highland 2000's products are made by the family, in their factory in England, using a mixture of traditional and modern methods, which enables them to make a very high quality product. Highland 2000 started in the year 2000, when Mick retired as the Managing Director of his own Knitwear Company, (which he started in 1964). He realised that there was a market for high quality knitwear in natural fibres, so with his wife and 2 sons he set up Highland 2000, which in 10 years has built up a worldwide reputation making high quality products.

Highland 2000 is very well known in Japan, where they sell their knitted garments and accessories to most of the main shops, including Ships, Beams, Baycrews, United Arrows, Stylinglife, Tomorrowland, Aquagirl and over 60 other retailers. Between the founding members of Highland 2000, they have more than 100 years experience of knitting and making up garments, as the family have all worked in knitwear all their lives.