Collection: Trucker Caps

Trucker Caps from Village Hats. Trucker Caps are a classic, casual style and great for a relaxed summer's day. Here you can find trucker caps from a number of brands in a variety of styles.

Trucker Caps at Village Hats

Trucker caps, characterized by their mesh panels at the back, originated as promotional giveaways by farming supply companies. Due in part to inexpensive production costs, trucker caps gained in popularity in the 1970s and '80s. Eventually they became, more or less, the official cap style of American little league baseball, while simultaneously becoming a symbol of the trucking industry and the American working class. Today, trucker caps have transcended their roots and become a wildly popular fashion accessory, embraced for their casual, retro appeal, while at the same time proving to be a rather functional and comfortable cap. With their breathable design and distinctive trucker cap style, they continue to enjoy a resurgence in both streetwear and mainstream fashion.

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