Collection: Newsboy Caps

Newsboy Caps! This section is for the girls and guys who don't want the traditional flat cap style. Here every newsboy cap from our various brands has the 8/4 style with the button on the top. Enjoy.

Newsboy Caps from Village Hats

Newsboy caps have gone by various names over the years, baker boy caps, eight panels, gatsbys or big apple caps. These days most people call them newsboy caps or newsboy hats. Inside the cut-and-sewn headwear business, the preferred name is eight-quarter cap as the hat is made by sewing together eight pie-shaped panels and affixing a button at the vortex. What ever you call them, newsboy caps are a classic shape with a whole lot of style and we are quite certain that for value and selection, no one does this category as well as us.

With the debut of Peaky Blinders in 2013 on BBC Two everything changed for the stylish yet humble newsboy cap. People realized it looked very, very good on most heads. Sales tripled overnight and for the first time in 33 years in the hat business, newsboy caps surpassed the more traditional flat cap in sales. Since then, there's been no looking back. Our collection of newsboy caps has expanded swiftly to accommodate almost any style or budget. We stock newsboy caps from the most legendary brands you'll find anywhere including, Failsworth, Stetson, Christy's, City sport and Kangol. Additionally, we produce our own newsboy styles under the Jaxon & James banner in Harris Tweed, Irish Donegal Tweed, linen, cotton, leather and more. Check our our amazing collection of newsboy caps today.