Collection: Flat Caps

Flat Caps at Village Hats. In order to bring you the finest selection of flat caps in the world, we offer an incredible array of patterns and a multitude of materials to ensure you can have the perfect flat cap for any sort of weather. We also carry a wide variety of world famous flat cap brands that are great for men, women and children.

Flat Caps from Village Hats

At Village Hats, we've scoured the globe for the finest flat caps. Our collection boasts an astonishing variety of patterns, including herringbone, tweed, tartan, houndstooth, and pinstripe flat caps, alongside solid-colored options. But it doesn't stop there; we offer an array of materials, from warm wool to breathable cotton, rugged corduroy to weather-resistant oilcloth, airy mesh to eco-friendly bamboo, and even timeless leather flat caps.

Flat caps aren't confined to gender; they're a blend of function and fashion, shielding heads from winter's chill and summer's sun. A timeless accessory, they've graced the crowns of musicians, actors, and style-conscious individuals alike. Our commitment to flat caps runs deep, offering selections from top brands like Jaxon & James, Kangol, Brixton, Bailey, City Sport, Goorin, Failsworth and Stetson ensuring you find your perfect flat cap.