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Baker Boy Hats at Village Hats. Baker Boy hats may also be known as a spitfire or a newsboy and are a great casual hat for any season.

Baker Boy Caps at Village Hats

The UK appears to be the only country that uses the term Baker Boy hat and the term must be considered vague at best; consensus is impossible to find. Are baker boy hats the same as newsboy caps (panelled flat cap with the crown attached to the peak) or spitfire caps (usually panelled but with the crown not attached to the peak) or a fisherman's cap (more structured than a soft newsboy)? Yes. No. Maybe? Our decision - attempt to please everyone. This never works, but we’re going to give it a shot by adding a few of each of these unique styles to our baker boy hats page. Hopefully you’ll find whatever you deem a baker boy hat to be herein. Good luck!