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Pith Helmets at Village Hats. These pith helmets are the real thing (made from the pith, or cork, of certain trees). Pith Helmets are a great outdoor hat as they are sturdy, lightweight and dunk them in water and stay nice and cool as they dry.

Pith Helmets from Village Hats

For many of us, pith helmets connote old movies where British explorers whacked their way through African or Indian jungles in their khaki clothes and pith helmets. And it is true that European colonialists developed the technology used to make the rather functional pith helmets during occupation of these, at the time, more remote expanses of the world.

The pith, or cork, of certain trees lent itself as the basis of a headgear that was strong and protective and at the same time lightweight and comfortable. Furthermore, the absorbing property of this natural material provided the bonus feature of allowing the wearer to immerse the pith helmet in water keeping him or her cool during evaporation. When dry, the pith helmet does not lose its stiffness or shape. Today, for all the same reasons, the pith helmet is a great choice for outdoors use.

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