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Occasion Hats at Village Hats. This selection of Occasion Hats has women's styles for all the seasons in warm felts and light straws. You can find occasion hats perfect for weddings, Royal Ascot, or a night on the town. Enjoy!

Occasion Hats from Village Hats

This page is for ladies who need a hat for a formal occasion. You can find Ladies Formal Hats for weddings, races such as Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, or a luxurious night on the town.

Our founder said the following about Occasion hats "It is with this segment of the business, ladies formal hats (or millinery), that I found my long held notions about headwear challenged and expanded. I had always viewed the hat essentially as a functional article of clothing. Don’t hats exist to keep one warm, dry, or shaded from the sun? That’s why they should be in our houses, or so I believed. Ladies formal hats, however, often have more in common with sculpture than with clothing. I now understand that the human head can simply act as a pedestal and hat materials (felt, straw, fabric) can be employed no differently than wood or stone or clay with three-dimensional art as the objective. Hats not only need not function, they don’t even need to fit. The good milliner - when succeeding at the highest level, like the good sculptor, understands and skilfully manipulates this medium’s materials. The results can be interesting, entertaining, and fun to wear. We can in fact have hats in our houses simply because we believe them to be beautiful." Enjoy this selection of occasion hats.