Collection: The North Face Hats

The North Face Hats at Village Hats. Over the years The North Face has become synonymous with outdoor gear and we are happy to offer some of their exceptional hats for the great outdoors.

North Face Hats & Caps at Village Hats

The North Face are a company that design gear for harsh conditions. The company got its name from the fact that the north face is the colder and more ruthless side of a mountain, and they wanted to provide gear that would help protect climbers in those unforgiving conditions. The North Face hats that you see on this page represent that desire to help people who want to explore the harsh yet beautiful outdoors. You can find North Face hats that protect from the cold and rain as well as from the sun. We try and offer the largest selection so there are North Face hats and caps for men, women and kids. So grab a North Face hat today and never stop exploring.