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Jaxon & James Felt Hat Brush Light Bristles Wholesale Pack

Jaxon & James Felt Hat Brush Light Bristles Wholesale Pack

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This wholesale pack contains 12 hats.
Sizes in this pack are as follows:
12 - 1-Size

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This felt hat brush with light bristles is great for keeping your hat clean. Here is information from the book STETSON HATS: "Whether vintage or modern, dust your hat daily with a soft-bristled brush. Stiff bristled brushes will tear the felt. Western stores frequently sell hatter's brushes for this dusting job. Use a dark-coloured brush for dark hats and a light coloured brush for light hats."

Furthermore, brush your hat in a counter-clockwise direction, against the lay of the nap, so that the felt is worked well and dust is best removed. Enjoy your hat!


  • Made of 100% wood and bristles
  • Wooden handle
  • Use light bristles for light coloured hats

Sizing Info:

Measures approximately 27.5cm long

Wholesale Info:

Hats come in pre-packs of 12. The size run per pre-pack is as follows:
12 - 1-Size

Ordering one means you are purchasing one pre-pack of 12 hats.

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