Collection: Village Hats

Some staples of the hat industry have been around for years. They never seem to go out of style, so we've decided to cut out the middle man and create these basic hats for our customers at the best prices you can find on line.

Classic Styles at Village Hats

Quality, Affordability, Function; Hats for the Global Village. Hats that pass muster and carry the Village Hats brand must meet these criteria. We have been around the hat business for a long time. If you want a good hat at a good price and are not particularly impressed by logos on clothes, this is the page for you. We are all in this together (life on Earth that is) and all share some basic needs. In fact, hats are healthy. We need protection from the sun, or cold, or rain.

The objective of our private label brand is to provide hats, from the various headwear categories, to our customers that avoid the “middle men” and “marketers”. In this way, the price is right and we can control the design and quality issues. Our goal is to grow the brand, keeping true to our values of providing good quality headwear that is affordable and functional.

Free standard shipping within the UK is included for the delivery of every hat or cap we stock.