Collection: Parkhurst Hats

Parkhurst Hats are renowned for their soft fabrics and timeless beret designs. Our Parkhurst berets are made of 100% cotton and are considered the perfect soft hat for those that require comfort. Please view our selection of Parkhurst berets below.

Parkhurst Hats at Village Hats

When we first endeavoured to create the finest hat website for the U.K., Parkhurst, from Toronto, Ontario in Canada was one of the first vendors we considered for our new venture. We chose to import both hats and berets, from Parkhurst and transport them to our warehouse in Wembley for the simple reason that nobody does what Parkhurst does. Specifically, this line of headwear offers the comfort and breathability of 100% cotton. These hats and berets are fashionable, durable and washable.

We often get inquiries from customers who need a soft hat because of a medical condition that requires a hat or beret be worn on a sensitive scalp. The first place we send them is to Parkhurst products. Ed Harris didn't hurt the popularity of Parkhurst berets when he wore one as the director in the movie "The Truman Show", either. Enjoy looking over this line of hats worn by both men and women.

Free standard shipping within the UK is included for the delivery of every Parkhurst hat we stock.