Jaxon & James Harris Tweed Hats


Harris Tweed is made from pure virgin wool in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and Jaxon & James have made some fantastic styles out of their impressive fabrics.
These brand new Jaxon & James Harris Tweed hats and caps won't last long. Check out our selection below.
The Jaxon & James Castlebay Harris Tweed Newsboy Cap is a classic black and grey herringbone design. Probably the most sought after newsboy cap pattern and colour.
The Jaxon & James Skye Harris Tweed Newsboy Cap is a dark blue newsboy cap. Blue newsboy caps, though not as traditional, have become very popular in the last few years because they work well with casual outfits and look great.
The Jaxon & James Harris Tweed Loch Alsh Flat Cap mixes several shades of grey and features a subtle check pattern. Beautiful and unique.
The Jaxon & James Harris Tweed Ferness Flat Cap features a mottled tweed pattern that mixes moss and brown tones that give it a fantastic look.
The Jaxon & James Harris Tweed Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hat is a style that continues to be popular thanks to the famous London fictional detective. This stunning hat sports the darkest colour of these Harris Tweeds by combining black and charcoal grey in a herringbone pattern.

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