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Berets! We carry cotton berets, wool berets, angora berets, fleece berets, knit berets, and Basque berets. Berets for men, berets for women and berets for kids. Plus Berets for winter or summer. If you need a beret, this is the spot for you.

Berets from Village Hats

The beret, associated with European art and romance, began as the headgear of choice for early 19th Century Basque shepherds. Artists, writers, and bohemians adopted later in the century as a gesture of rebellion against the status quo. Members of the French Resistance, Le Maquis, wore berets during World War II. Modern armies favour the beret for everyday wear, and Che Guevara made berets popular with the soldier’s counterparts, today’s young revolutionaries. If you want to learn more about the history of the beret take a look at our info page on the beret hat.