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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.7 / 5
1 / 5

By Dom Mccaffry
17 Jan 2021
Brim Lost It'S Shspe Really Quickly
Brim lost its shspe quickly and became unwearable
Customer Services
Good afternoon,
Thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear that the brim of your hat has lost its shape. Please feel free to contact us directly via email on if this should happen with any future orders, we are always more than happy to help. We are again sorry for the inconveniences.
Have a nice day. Kind regards, Village Hats
5 / 5

By Simon Fuller
26 Nov 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
First Class Hat And Service
This hat is pure class. It is comfortable and keeps my head warm and dry. Absolutely love it. Prompt delivery too.
4 / 5

By Winston
20 Jan 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
Need Grey Hat With Grey Band
I like this grey hat , it has a black band can this be changed for a grey ?
Customer Services
Good morning,
Unfortunately we cannot alter hats as we are only a retailer.
Best regards,
5 / 5

By Trevor
10 Aug 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Christys Hats Pinch Vegas Trilby
This hat is top quality craftsmanship. However, I'm in Canada and I have advice to anyone outside of the UK. I did everything I could to make sure I ordered the right size. I went to a hat store and tried on several to determine my size. Unbeknownst to me UK and US sizes are different. The return shipping to exchange the hat plus the additional shipping of the new hat back to me was more than the original purchase price plus shipping. I'm now stuck with a hat that's far too small. Be sure you know the size you need according to UK standards before ordering.
5 / 5

By michael sutton
14 Jun 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
A very well made trilby with stunning red lining. A versatile hat with firmish fur slightly darker than the photo. A great buy
5 / 5

By Douglas, USA
28 Mar 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Christys Hats Pinch Vegas Trilby
This is my 4th hat from Village Hats and I love them all. I where the Christys Pinch Vegas Trilby with formal dress. I have styles of different colors for different. I was spoiled here in MN in the states having grown up with a local hatter. He made all my hats. I've been without a good source until I found you. I'll be back for more.
5 / 5

By Bryan Sawyer
28 Mar 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Great Hat
A wonderfully stylish hat of great quality. I can't imagine any hat, regardless of cost, being any better in workmanship and materials. I would highly recommend this hat to anybody that wants quality and style at a good (for the quality) price.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
10 Dec 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Excellent Work
Very well made, the rabbit fur is of excellent quality. Came with an upturned brim at the front, which can be easily adjusted with a steaming pot of water and a bit of handiwork. The hat is light, rather stiff - which is good - and protects the wearer from the cold, rain and snow. The only minor drawback is, that the stitching of the leather sweatband - which is very comfortable in its own right - presses itself into the forehead of the wearer, which can be quite uncomfortable, but I do have the feeling, that the yarn turns softer with time. And of course, it is stunningly beautiful with its clean, timeless look. All in all very, very recommendable.
5 / 5

By NIj East Yorks
21 Nov 2011
I have recently bought 2 Pinch Sinatra Trilby's and a Gangster Fedora from "V.H."!! The trouble is ... it now takes me longer to get ready than our lass!! Just don't know which one to wear!! They are all so comfy, well made and I feel like a "COOL DUDE" in them!! The service and help I have had from Village Hats has been FIRST CLASS!! The quick delivery, the understanding in returns and the 'technical' advice have all been BRILL! I wanted to turn down the front edge on the Trilby's as they came stiffened upwards from manufacture. The girl on the telephone was very helpful in explaining to carefully use STEAM to rearrange the front brim to the desired position. I have had a tailor made waist coat to go with all 3 hats, and actually got the tailor to alter the Trilby's for me with his pro. steam equipment!! Coming down to London armed with hats 'n waistcoat!! Watch out GIRLS!!!
5 / 5

By Mr Colin Clayton
24 Jul 2011
Christys Pinch Sinatra - Lt Grey
I ordered the hat by phone because the 59cm was out of stock so I thought I'd enquire about a 60cm. The lady I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful. She measured all the 60's in stock to find a smaller variant which arrived the following day securely boxed.
The light grey Sinatra trilby is superb from looks to exquisite quality. I can't fault it - even the size is just right!. My thanks to Village Hats for their very professional service and for supplying a brilliant product.
5 / 5

By Mr Brian Allen
14 Apr 2011
Christys' Hats Pinch Sinatra Trilby Black
Once again, excellent and speedy service, even using the free option. My size is 57cms, so that is what I ordered. It is a perfect fit, and very comfortable too. Even my wife is pleased! This hat is a winner.
5 / 5

By Amanda Hutt
20 Mar 2011
I get a kick out of you!
The Sinatra Trilby was a gift for my granddad for his 55th wedding anniversary. The quality of the hat is amazing and he will not take it off! Thank you Village Hats for your swift service, one I know I will be using again!
5 / 5

By Mr Tony Cooper
18 Jan 2011
Style and Quality
I am very pleased with my purchase of a high quality hat, Christys pinch Sinatra trilby, from Village Hats. The quick processing of my order was impressive too. I followed the advice of two other customers and ordered the 60cm fit instead of my usual 59cm, and found they were correct, as it is a perfect fit. Thank you Village Hats for such good service.
5 / 5

By Mick, Essex.
31 Dec 2010
Pinch Sinatra Trilby
perfect colour,perfect style, The hat i have been looking for for years!!
5 / 5

By Mr James Belfield
10 Nov 2010
Awesome hat is indeed awesome
Fast delivery even with the free option.
This hat is just awesome and a perfect fit. It is made to the highest quality... I can't find a flaw anywhere. You just can't beat the tactile pleasure of fur felt.

This amazing hat is going to have me buying more Christy's Hats! Time to put on my dark wool trench coat, turn up the collar and prove that "real" hats are beyond cool.

Village Hats I thank you, more of my money coming your way soon.
5 / 5

By Mr Mattias Bergstrom
23 Jul 2010
Great hat
For the price, this is a very fine hat, good craftsmanship, good materials and very good design and dimensions.
I love it and wear it daily.
5 / 5

29 Jun 2010
Christys Hat Pinch Sinatra
Pure class Very nice indeed.
Sizing is perhaps a tad on the small size like the other reviewer had to size up from 59cm to 60 compered to other hats eg Bailey ect.I hope this helps .Definately a keeper and will buy other Christys
5 / 5

By Mr Arin Alldridge
08 Mar 2010
Ace quality trilby.
This is an extraordinarily nice hat. Feels and looks perfect. As good as a hat gets. My head measures 59cm but I found that to be a little snug so I got the 60cm.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
09 Jan 2010
Awesome hat is awesome
The description is right. This is the Mack Daddy of all hats. If you've been searching the internets for a great fedora/trilby with a stingy type brim and a crown that isn't too high, then you may have also run across the Christys' Crown Series Basix. This is like that, only way better. That one is itchy wool, and bashed poorly. This one is fur felt, and they're about the same price.


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