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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.9 / 5
4 / 5

By Paul
09 Jan 2019
Yes, I recommend this product.
Good Looking Hat
The hat is darker than I expected but I prefer it that way. Size-wise, although I know my head size the hat is slightly loose. The chin strap will keep it on in windy weather but is not great for comfort so I will get some size adjuster bands. Have not been out in the rain so don't know if it is waterproof. The brim is very stiff and even using a rolling pin I found it difficult to bend into any sort of shape (I wanted the brim to point down at the front). Main thing is it looks good and feels good quality.
5 / 5

By John Turner
17 Apr 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
Good Hat.
This is a good hat but as others have pointed out it is not really water proof but fine for a light shower, it can be made waterproof very easily with an application of a well known waterproof dressing which then requires a warm hairdryer to melt the ‘thornproof’ wax into the fabric, once this is done the hat is 100% waterproof. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the chin strap as the hat fits so well once it has had a chance to mild itself to your head, just keep the strap in a pocket for when it’s really blowing a gale. All in all with a little work this is an excellent hat at a very reasonable price.
5 / 5

By Peter Gilbert
12 Sep 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
I Tried It And It Fit
Great hat, fits well but it's not waterproof. I love my hat and wear it everyday, I'm a land surveyor and pretty much bald so need a good hat to keep the sun off and offer protection from the less pleasant weather, this hat does so , it's well made good tough cloth its not waterproof but the wide brim helps divert the water, the chinstrap is invaluable in strong winds. Overall great hat at a very reasonable price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5 / 5

By Pete.
19 Jan 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
Better than expected for the price. The wired edge of the brim means it can be shaped as you like, very versatile. The cotton material in the crown is supported by a shaped resin (or something) crown frame which should keep water from getting to the head. Impressed!!!
5 / 5

By Carol
30 Jan 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Great Hat
If you are looking for a hat to keep the rain off then this is the one. Very stylish - great fit and does what it says, keeps you dry.
5 / 5

By Fred
12 May 2015
Excellent Hat for All Weather
I bought this hat on a whim, especially because of the chinstrap. I am very happy with it! Keeps my head warm in winter and keeps the sun off my bald head in summer.
The brim was a little wider than I imagined but is better for that. It keeps your face in the shade better than ones with a smaller brim.
I wouldn't say it is waterproof - more water resistant as it will soak up water. If only I could find some of that nano waterproof coating!
More khaki than the picture shows but still good looking.
5 / 5

By Michael Roberts
22 Nov 2014
I love this hat.
Had a couple of hats in the past, but this one has fully converted me, rarely go out without it. I consider a chinstrap essential for all-weather use. Excellent hat.
5 / 5

By Mr Mike McNicholas
01 Mar 2014
The hat I most wanted
I had been watching out for this bod for a while. a waterproof, fully approved outdoors hat. I gave yet to test it camping but look forward to doing so. Great service and brilliant hat.
4 / 5

By Ms June Edwards
01 Jun 2012
Lovely hat
Arrived promptly, well packaged. More importantly fitted well. Don't know yet if it is waterproof, have no reason to doubt it, as it hasn't been rained on yet, but going to a festival in August so have every expectation of wet weather. Love the hat and will return to the site next time I need headgear and will recommend to friends and family.
5 / 5

By Mr Graham HOPP
30 Jan 2012
jaxon oilcloth aussie hat
what a hat great in a storm i was in recently, very stylish comfortable and warm this is the second hat i have purchaced because of the quality and keen pricing will purchace more in the future, thank you for the fast delivery i ordered early one morning and it was delivered 7.30am next day wow you cant beat that for service.
5 / 5

By Annie
18 Jul 2011
Great Hat
Jaxon are always great hats and Village hats always great service. This hat is great value and does the job of much more expensive lookalikes. My husband and I each had one and got soaked at Silverstone - our heads remained dry. The hats performed brilliantly. Highly recommended.
5 / 5

By Mr Are Skjelstad
30 Nov 2010
Very light and comfortable to wear. Great price for a quality hat.
5 / 5

By Lorenzo
29 Nov 2010
Very good
Perfectly waterproof, not to mention stylish and a nice build quality too. With its wide brim is an effective substitute for an umbrella and it proved to be reasonably comfortable too. Successfully tested during this fall rainy days in Milan.

5 / 5

By Anonymous
19 Nov 2010
Jaxon Oilcloth
Looks good to wear and has the added bonus of being waterproof as well,my son is highly satisfied. as was i with such prompt delivery and well packaged item many thanks
we look forward to years of service from it
Pam and Chris
5 / 5

By Anonymous
17 Oct 2010
Amazing hat at an amazing price
This is one very stylish hat. Wonderfully weatherproof as well! The chin cord is a welcome addition, especially at this very windy time of year.
4 / 5

By John
17 Oct 2010
Certainly waterproof
The delivery service was great. I was keen to have a waterproof hat that would keep the rain off my glasses - the Jaxon Oilcloth Aussie certainly does that. The only downside has been the time it is taking to stretch to my head shape - which is more oval, whilst the hat is a circle. The hat is of quite rigid construction so, at present, I have a mark on my forehead after each time I wear it.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
26 Jul 2010
Jaxon Hats Aussie style
Bought for my husband - used all the time, good value for money and a fabulous hat.
5 / 5

By Mr Lars Nilsson
14 Apr 2010
Jaxon Oilcloth Aussie Hat
I used this hat on a two weeks Safari in Africa in rain and sun. Super quality to a fair price.
5 / 5

By Mr Reg Megeney
25 Mar 2010
Super quality...quick delivery and what a price. Waiting now for straw hat for the summer to be re-stocked...we will have a summer one year
I highly recommended this product and this company
5 / 5

By John Holland
24 Mar 2010
Jaxon Hats Oilcloth Aussie
A versatile hat- very stylish- looking good with my leather jacket- but also practical - it has been excellent on my birdwatching and natural history trips- the chincord is useful. Great.
5 / 5

By Mr Alasdair Forbes
11 Mar 2010
Great product - great price
Great style - quality - rain protection - and a chincord for those gusty days. And all at an excellent price.
5 / 5

By Mr Joseph Sharp
12 Jan 2010
Jaxon Hats Oilcloth Aussie
good reliable waterproof hat


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