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Indian Pith Helmet - Big Head Version

Product Code: 155811

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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.8 / 5
5 / 5

By Laird Sky
05 May 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
Very Nice Hat
A very serviceable pith helmet, the wider rim makes it rather more practical for providing genuine sun protection. I did have to replace the PVC leather head band for a genuine leather sweat band and now the helmet is excellent for multiple usages.
5 / 5

By Dave.
10 May 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Big Head Indian - Top Class Topee!
Just received my new pith helmet from Village Hats. I must say I'm mightily impressed by the service (fast) and the quality of the helmet. I'm sure I will cut a dash this summer cruising the canals on my narrowboat wearing this hat.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
30 Jan 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Indian Pith Helmet
Fits perfectly, thanks to the adjustable strap. Very good quality for its price!
5 / 5

By Matt
09 Jul 2015
Indian style pith helmet - large
This pith helmet is extremely good, sturdy, well finished and comfortable, for a helmet. It can be partially soaked it in water for improved cooling. Repeated soaking also shapes it with likeable curves and a gentler profile.
It is also customizable. Just strap on it an additional band and a piece of white cloth, for extreme sun protection. Also, I suggest gluing cork stripes or bottle cork slices to the internal doming to create overhead resting points. This is because the internal band gets slippery with sweat and the helmet tends to sink. Overtightening the band would cause discomfort or also headaches.
The only drawback, as already pointed out by others, is that the internal band is cheap and feels a bit flimsy and sweaty. Strongly consider replacing it with a superior leather one, it deserves it.
But overall it fully deserves the 5 stars, as it just smashes the competition.

5 / 5

By Mr Stuart Fisher
12 Apr 2015
Best headware for outdoor work.
I work in irrigation maintenance in tropical Australia with temps in the 40s each day. These sun helmets have been a godsend, I now have two and ordered another. I found the French pattern best for me, its liner is more comfortable, once I adjusted it for the best fit. These are serious work headwear which I regard as essential protective equipment, like boots, for my empoyment.
5 / 5

By Chris Ryan
26 Oct 2014
The Pith-wearing Narrowboater
I would like to say that I am very pleased with the Pith Helmet that I purchased.
It arrived promptly - was as described - love it ! Just the thing on a hot, bright day on the river or canal. Thank you.
4 / 5

By Paul B
24 Jun 2014
Indian Pith Helmet - Big Head Version
Nicely finished and comfortable. The only disappointment is that the interior headband and chin strap are made of cheap synthetic leather substitute. Given the hat's very reasonable price, I'd rather pay more for real leather. It would be more authentic and more comfortable. Excellent service from Village Hats though!
5 / 5

15 Mar 2014
Great Fun
Bought as a present. Father loves it and has worn it lots. Very lightweight, very well made and exceptionally fast delivery.
5 / 5

By Kornflakes
28 Jun 2012
Just the ticket!
Looking for a cheaper alternative to my nice panama when cutting the lawn. This Indian Pith filled the bill nicely. Appears to be genuine Pith with a real leather sweat band.....its unlikely I'd wear it about town though hahaha but may take it to Egypt on the next expedition.
5 / 5

By K Wheeler
23 Jun 2012
A great pith helmet
This was the first pith helmet I ordered from Village Hats and have since also ordered the African Safari version. The quality of both is outstanding and both are great value for money. They are authentic, very well made and the customer service from Village Hats has been superb. Many Thanks.
5 / 5

By Mr Michael Booker-Cairo Egypt
30 Jul 2011
A Terrific Find
This hat was much better than expected it to be. It was delivered to an overseas address much quicker than many shippers take to send items to UK addreses so that was an added bonus.

The hat is well made and sturdy and I believe represents excellent value for money.

I bought it as a decoration piece for a colonial style military setting but it would certainly be very useful on Safari in Africa, sightseeing in India or the Gar East or in the desert-I should know, I have been in the tourism industry for 40 years!

If you want to look the part this is the hat for you.

Thank you for a very nice product.
4 / 5

By A. M. Celal SENGOR
19 May 2011
An important feature of these hats is that they do not sit directly on the head, but an adjustable band fits around the head and holds the hat. This allows air to circulate through the hat via the six small perforations, three on each side, and keeps the head cooler than most hats can. On account of their material, pith, they are also extremely light and easy to wear. Unlike the cowboy hats, some nowadays prefer to call them 'Indiana Jones hats', their brim is narrow and they do not as easily fly off in a gust of wind. These hats are the products of centuries of colonial experience. I have been wearing them since my youth and hey have never failed me.

One complaint about the two hats I bought from Village Hats, the headband was cracked because of the bending and red inside filling material is showing. A more meticulous customer may take exception to that.
4 / 5

By A. M. Celal SENGOR
19 May 2011
I ordered two Indian Pith Helmet for big heads. These hats provide the best protection from the heat and rain in the field and are the ideal headgear for field scientists and for those who like to wander about in open Nature. In addition, they also protect the head from falling stones etc. because of their sturdiness, they are real 'helmets'.
5 / 5

By PG Berkshire
15 May 2011
Great hat
I bought this one with the French version. Still prefer this version.
The service is brilliant with fast deliveries in strong boxes.


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