Musicians are cultural trend setters, plain and simple. They create new fashions and bring back old ones. Their music and their style appeal to people in the fashion world (designers, models, movie stars) as well as everyday people. They speak to old and new generations with their intdidualism and expand the boundaries of acceptance within society by making their unique music. We as hatters love this, because many world famous musicians wear hats. Here is just a taste of many of the styles that musicians have worn over the years.

Style and music go hand in hand, so do Hank Williams and country music. Here you see Hank in a nice big brimmed Stetson hat.

Here is Ella Fitzgerald, "the first lady of song" wearing a nice unique feathered ladies formal hat.

Thelonious Monk, the founder of bebop, had a style like no one else. Almost always with a short brimmed trilby hat.

Sinatra always had a fedora hat Always tilted and always looking good.

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest song writers of all time and wore a flat cap on his first album cover.

The Beatles made this fiddler hat or greek fisherman cap style more famous than the fiddler on the roof.

Ibrahim Ferrer of the world famous Buena Vista Social Club could sing with the best of them. He also looks quite dapper in his flat cap.

Jimi Hendrix (guitar god) was doing things in music others could only dream. Usually Jimi looked like a psychedelic gypsy. Here he is wearing a nice fedora hat.

Look for pictures of Stevie Ray Vaughn and I bet you can't find him without a hat. He always had a nice cowboy hat on.

Early rappers Run DMC had amazing style and it always included a hat. View our fashion hats and Kangol hats.

Always the trend setter, Madonna wore this cowboy hat for one of her tours and women around the world started wearing them.

Carlos Santana the great guitar player can be seen wearing Bailey Hats all the time.

Alicia Keys shows here that women can wear the trilby hat (sometimes better than men).