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Hat Jack Hat Stretcher

Product Code: 603300

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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.8 / 5
5 / 5

By Anonymous
04 Jan 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
Hat Jack Medium.
Every hat should have one, brilliant.
5 / 5

By David
22 Mar 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
works well & easy to use ...5 stars
5 / 5

By Tony G
23 Oct 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Everyone on here reckoned it worked and as I have a couple of half decent Akubras that shrunk a bit I thought I'd give it a go despite being a tad skeptical. Looked on You Tube where there is a couple of good videos, followed their instructions and bingo. It really works.
5 / 5

By david m.
17 Apr 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Does The Job
I bought a hat that felt slightly tight, on buying this and using it I am pleased with the results.
5 / 5

By Charles Tompkinson
12 Apr 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Bought 3 hats all large size didn't fit. Looked on YouTube for information found hat stretchers hmmm. Looked through ebay and amazon no real use found Village Hats online orders and delivery was very quick. Used it on all three hats and Wow. What a dream to use. Bit of steam and a twist and went from a 61cm hat to a 61.5 with ease. Instructions clear and simple and the kit is smooth and well made. Totally Wonderful piece of kit. Friend sells Victorian hats and it worked perfectly on is hem too. Tight hat? Use this and it will be tight no longer
5 / 5

By James Bell
29 Mar 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Does Exactly What It Says.
What a fantastic little item. It was exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly. No more hat headaches!
5 / 5

By Tobias Hassel
26 Mar 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Hat Jack Hat Stretcher
Lovely little thing, can't understand why I haven't bought this little handy item 20 years ago. A must have!
5 / 5

By Norman. Chapman.
05 Mar 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Hat-Jack Review
Had 4or5 good quality hats that did'nt feel quite right on wearing them and thought about moving them on until I discovered hat -jack, full of scepticison I ordered one, and do you know what, it really does work, follow the instructions, go gently over a few days and you can turn around what appear to be lost causes, size wise !!.
5 / 5

By Martin Butterworth
17 Oct 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
What a fantastic gadget!! All my treasured hats now fit correctly.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
07 Sep 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Hat Jack
Excellent device.
5 / 5

By Matt Butson
03 Sep 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Excellent Product!
Does exactly what it says on the tin - simple to use and did the job with ease. I can now wear my treasured Akubra again without it perching on top on my crown!
5 / 5

By Andy Oultram
15 Aug 2015
Product as described!
The Hat Jack worked a treat for me and I was pleased with my purchase. Yes the wood was a bit rough in places but I have not experienced any problems through this. Does what it says on the tin! Swift delivery too!
5 / 5

By Ms kate dempsey
23 Feb 2015
Hat Jack Stretcher
Brilliant! So glad I got it! A hat I bought and loved was too tight and this has stretched it perfectly!!
Also very good for keeping the hat in shape. Great product - really useful....
5 / 5

By Mr James Bradlee
25 Nov 2014
Excellent Product-Excellent Service
Worked perfectly for my old pork pie that had shrunk about half cm. Fits perfectly again. I recommend without hesitation.
5 / 5

By Randy OHara
19 Sep 2014
Simple and great
Good little tool that does what it's supposed to.
5 / 5

By Graham
02 Jul 2012
Product Review
I recently bought a hat jack and dark hat brush. My order arrived very quickly and I am very pleased with both items, they are good quality and very keenly priced. The same hat jack is available from Lock and Co at 35 pounds and their brush is 39 pounds!
I will definitely recommend H and C and will shop here again
5 / 5

By Mr Malcolm Smyth
05 Jun 2012
Hat Jack really works
Highly recommended stretches hats and they stay stretched. This type of hat stretcher is probably more versatile that the 'drop in' type that is most suitable for fairly high crown hats as it should work quite well with caps as well.
5 / 5

By Frits Hutchinson
19 May 2012
Excellent Tool
This is a perfect tool for the job, however, you must take care while using it. Follow the instructions and above all,
Increase your stretch just a little bit at a time.
Try your hat on several times during this process and you will achieve perfect results.
It is easy to over-stretch a hat with this tool if you rush into the job.
Happy Hatting
4 / 5

By Mr Graham Collins
27 Feb 2012
Works well
I found this product to be easy to use and has certainly worked well for me.
The item is sturdy and solidly made.
The finish of the wood parts was a little rough, but a quick rub over with some sandpaper soon put that right.
5 / 5

By J Wallis
07 Aug 2011
Essential device
I have a lovely fedora made by Dunn's of London. I got caught in a very heavy thunderstorm a few weeks ago and although my hat kept my head dry, when I next put it on I found it had shrunk!
After a spot of Googling I found this website and the Hat Jack stretcher. Within a couple of days my hat was back to it's proper size and I've kept it on the stretcher when I'm not wearing it since ever since.
I can't recommend this product highly enough. If you are a hat wearer, buy a Hat Jack!
5 / 5

By Roland Jacobson
18 Jul 2011
The Hat Jack.
Wow, what a sturdy piece of equipment. I have a nice felt that had shrunk a little over the years and was a bit uncomfortable. The Hat Jack was seemed like the best way to try and fix my hat, and now it fits perfectly once again. Highly recommended, thank you Village Hats.
5 / 5

By Chris Seymour
18 Jul 2011
Stretch Your Hat Jack
Works as advertised, quickly and easily. Be careful not to overstretch, try doing it in increments, since the Hat Jack is powerful and with a little steam can stretch the hat more than you want if not used carefully. I revived two old and cherished hats for use again and am very happy with the product. Shipping was rapid and efficient and customer service excellent. Many thanks, I will come back to this site for the next hat.
5 / 5

By Jim Taylor
18 Jul 2011
Tight Hat no more
Bought a nice Baileys straw hat 4 years ago, but it fit too tight to wear, 1 day with the stretcher as instructed and fits better than I would have ever expected. Thanks for the prompt delivery as well. Will definitely do business with you again!
5 / 5

By Marc Reimus
14 Jul 2011
Not a Stretch of the imagination
Love this product and the hats I purchased. Bought this to stretch some fitted baseball hats as I am in between sizes. 7.1/4 a touch too snug and 7 3/8 too large. So, the hat stretcher is a perfect way to bridge the gap between sizes. So easy to use and a tremendous value as it is more expensive to continually buy and return hats that are not just right. Now my hats are fitting just right and I am absolutely thrilled with the company and the product. Customer Service is outstanding and prompt as well as very well informed on the products. Thank you all for your assistance. Well done!!
1 / 5

By Andrew Lisicki
13 Jul 2011
Not Recommended
Poorly made and roughly finished product. Had this been made in China or Taiwan, instead of America, it would have been much better and possibly cheaper. You may have to take sandpaper to it to avoid splinters in your head. Village Hats take note.
4 / 5

By Anonymous
24 Jun 2011
Hat Jack
Very good. Would be better if it had some sort of scale or something for marking the size. But otherwise brilliant.
5 / 5

By Mr Simon Dunigan
01 Apr 2011
Hat Jack
Wished I had bought this in the early days of my hat wearing it would have saved a lot of pain and red marks on my fore head Brilliant


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