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French Pith Helmet - White

Product Code: 155849

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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.7 / 5
5 / 5

By M.Burville
10 Jun 2021
Yes, I recommend this product.
Excellent Value.
Considering the price the helmet is very well made. I found the L,XL to be a good fit (approx. 59cm for me). The sweatband is not perfect but does the job quite well. Where a light cotton bucket style hat is fine if I'm working in the garden on a hot day the helmet is much better because of the ventilation and construction.
4 / 5

By Marco Willemsma
23 May 2019
Yes, I recommend this product.
Nice Pith Helmet
Really like the helmet much.

The Large-X Large I (59cm head size) have, has a sweatband fit which is larger than the 58cm lower limit given in the text. So I'll need to restitch the headband. Next time I would probably order the small-medium variant instead.
5 / 5

By Sergiusz Kalinowski
29 May 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
What I Always Wanted!
All right, field-tested as appropriate. 27 in the shade, so perhaps 32-33 in sunlight, taking into account the wind chill factor. So... still quite warm summer-ly weather.
VERY pleasant experience. As the hat never touches the top of your head, there is ample space around and above the crown, and air can circulate freely. In fact, there are some silly whistling noises when wind meets ventilation holes :) You can even skip wearing your sunglasses. The brim is wide enough that you are permanently walking in your own private shade.
After a while, you forget you are wearing it, and it's only the curious looks from people walking past you that remind you of the fact.
I always wanted one since I was an easily-impressionable boy (some might argue I have not changed all that much), and now that I got round to looking pith helmets up on the internets, I snapped mine up as soon as I set my eyes on this page :)
5 / 5

By Anonymous
01 Aug 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
French Pith Helmet
Fab, hubby loves it. Light but robust, well made and functional.
5 / 5

By A parent
21 Apr 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
Excellent Helmet
This was purchased for my son who absolutely loves it. The hat fits very well, is lightweight and completely has the Look. The new owner is very happy with it.
5 / 5

By Jeremy L
10 Dec 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
A Real Hat For The Sun
I have bought both the white and the khaki hats for lazily sitting in the Provencial sun this summer. Once again another hat of very good value and once adjusted fits perfectly.
5 / 5

By Ernie Wise
26 Aug 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Both My Helmet And Me Are Old And Still Going!
I bought my French pith helmet 15 years ago at a Welsh honey bee museum whilst on holiday. It's still going strong having been used mostly in the garden, at my daughters sports day when she was nine, and having been posted in a sealed bag down to Frimley Park so that I could play "Lofty" singing 'whispering grass' at a skit during the end of course smoker! I've had happy days and lots of laughs with my pith! The liner partially fell out a couple of years ago, which was glued back in with UHU. It's a bit scruffy now but has plenty of life left. I've just bought an Indian pattern pith. My friend is Indian. I'll wear it at his next 'curry garden party'...He'll feel like he's at home!
5 / 5

By Mr Ken Morley
11 Jun 2015
Great Fun
It is fragile and cheap but it works and for the money I have no complaints.
4 / 5

By Richard
14 Sep 2014
French pith helmet
Surprisingly very light in weight,airy and cool,well made for the price
4 / 5

By David Lovell
21 Mar 2014
The hat that started it all
This pith helmet was the first hat in my collection, and it laid the stable foundation of my ongoing friendship with village hats. I was very rough with it, so it fell apart after about a year, but I have since replaced it as I love it so much. Practical, durable and a pleasure to wear. Just don't take it out in the wind, especially if it's raining.
5 / 5

By Mr james mercer
23 Sep 2013
French Pith helmet
It was a great purchase. I have worn it to my allotment in the hot sunny weather and was able to wear a sweat band as well. It has been very eye catching other events like art exhibitions.
4 / 5

By Mr Keith Byatt
13 Aug 2013
French Pith Helmet
I ordered the standard size since my normal hat size was within the stated range. However, when it arrived it was too small,being not a good head shape, and not having the necessary adjustment. A replacment was ordered in large which does fit ok. The support straps came unstitched within 2 weeks use. But once these little problems were repaired, the helmet does the job well. Only criticsm is the chin strap is of low strength and needs to be improved. In windy conditions it is necessary to use a chin strap but they need improving to be functional rather than decorative.
4 / 5

By Anonymous
13 Aug 2012
French Pith Helmet
I ordered recently and it arrived very quickly after only two days, and this time no adaptational measures were necessary. It fits perfectly and comfortably. I had to do some outdoor work on the hottest days of the year and put the helmet to a test. It proved a good and reliable protection from the sun, just like having one's own sunshade around. Unlike as it is the case with the "Indian Pith Helmet", the inner sweatband takes up the sweat and keeps it from running into one's eyes. So the experience is positive, apart from the sight which may be something strange in Germany. But why not do something against the trend.
As this helmet is no high-price article, it wasn't quite unexpected to find that it is a bit poorlier crafted than the Indian Pith Helmet. Apart from loose threads, also the inner lining was loose at several places, even at the borders. So I had to do some re-glueing in order to prevent the fabric from unravelling.
All in all, the French Pith Helmet is a good article.
5 / 5

By Miss Sally Howes
30 Jun 2012
My second pith helmet
I bought my first pith helmet from Oxfam 20 years ago and wore it constantly until it fell apart at the seams, literally.
Thought I'd never find a replacement so when I spotted this on the website I was over the moon.
Makes me, and everyone else, smile when I wear it!
Thank you, again, Village Hats - the best hat shop I've ever found, on or off line.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
11 Jan 2009
For the tropics of the Northumberland Coast
Covetted this hat when I saw it on the doorman of the E and O Hotel in Penang
Now I have my very own and look forward to telling the tale whilst gardening


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