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Fedora Hats

Fedora hats! We here at Village hats pride ourselves in our extensive and deep selection of fedora hats in a multitude of colours and sizes, with fedora hats for men and women, fedora hats for young and old.

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Fedora Hats from Village Hats

Fedora hats are something of a speciality here at Village Hats. We say that because we are confident that we have the largest stock of fedora hats in the UK and Europe. An obsession with Gangster movies of the 30’s and 40’s where the fedora hat featured prominently and magnificently on the heads of legends like Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney led us to a great love of this iconic style.

We stock fedora hats for all seasons. We have straw and cotton fedora hats for the summer months and wool and fur felt fedora hats perfect for protection from the cold wind and rain of winter. Here at Village Hats we offer fedora hats from some of the best hat makers in the world. We carry Jaxon fedora hats, Kangol fedora hats, Borsalino fedora hats, Christys fedora hats, Olney fedora hats, Bailey fedora hats, Goorin fedora hats, Signes fedora hats and many more brands. With so many styles of fedora hats from different brands and for different seasons, we are sure everyone can find a fedora hat here at Village Hats

The Fedora Hat comes by its name from the heroine (as well as the play’s title) of Victorian Sardou's drama presented in Paris in 1882. Of course the fedora hat style is iconic as the men’s hat style in the Western world for the first half of the 20th Century. For an interesting read on the rise and fall of the Fedora Hat, we suggest Neil Steinberg’s Hatless JACK: the President, the Fedora, and the History of an American style. Of all the hat styles that we create, the fedora hat is the one that we do viscerally. We feel our selection of fedora hats is second to none in the UK and Europe. We carry an extensive collection of fedora hats for men and women, young and old. To read more about fedora hats check out our page Fedora Hats in our Iconic Hats Section.

Village hats uses live stock feeds so all our fedora hats are in stock and ready for despatch. If you're having difficulty choosing from our huge selection of fedora hats, you can use our on-site filtering tool at the top of the page. The drop down boxes allow you to filter our fedora hats by colour, size, type, price and brand. Don't forget we offer free standard shipping within the UK for the delivery of every fedora hat we stock. So don't be shy get two or three fedora hats; or one fedora hat for everyone in the family!