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Customer Reviews

Overall product rating 4.7 / 5
4 / 5

By Alex
12 Sep 2019
Yes, I recommend this product.
Christys Hats Casablanca Fur Felt Fedora
I bought the hat the other day and it is excellent quality. I simply cannot fault it on that front. My only issue is the size. I have a very large head and it doesn’t fit me properly. If they had a bigger size, I’d have bought it.
5 / 5

By Chris Hawley
16 Jan 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
Another Great Hat.
Superb service as always from Village Hats (this is, I think my 7th purchase).

I now have 4 Christys' hats and they are all extremely smart. I have this particular hat in brown (see review below), so I've now treated myself to a black one.
5 / 5

By Mr D Frowzy
02 Jan 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
Casablanca Fedora
Very comfortable hat and perfect fit. Drags a lot of attention from a broad spectrum of people. Been asked twice if I was a Hassidic rabbi and a rather awkward and confused lady spouted at me saying I was a pretentious Harrods smug... Go figure. This is sufficient to prove this you won't leave anyone indifferent once the Casablanca will sit on the top of your noggin. Do yourself a favour and get one before the world ends!
3 / 5

By Andy Millward
15 Jan 2016
Good Product, Two Frustrations
Two frustrations, one partly my fault:
I bought shortly before the price dropped by £20 in sale prices. Clearly too late now, though I would argue full price is too high, even for a premium product.
Secondly, just a few weeks after buying the hat, the shape of the brim has warped, despite the hat being kept in a consistent climate, neither too warm nor too cold. This should not happen on a product of this quality.
These apart, it is a beautiful product.
5 / 5

By Mark barker
30 Nov 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Great Hat
Great hat and excellent service from village hats.
I will definitely use again
2 / 5

By jeff hesketh
26 Oct 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
last year there was a dark grey,charcoal
hat available, why not now?
Customer Services
Sorry for the inconvenience. Last year we carried a medium grey (we've unfortunately never carried this hat in charcoal), but Christys no longer carries that colour felt. They offered the lighter grey and it came out beautifully.
5 / 5

By Ronnie Lessels
06 Sep 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Christys Casablanca Grey
I was immediately impressed with the choice of quality manufacturers offered on this website which is why I purchased from them and I was not disappointed. The customer service has been excellent and the hat is exactly as expected. It looks great and fits well. Full marks to Village Hats for asking Christys to make this hat to their specification which gives credibility to Village Hats. After I ordered the hat it arrived within the promised time and was well packed.
5 / 5

By Alan Jewell
26 Aug 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
Now Ticks All The Boxes For Me!
This is a great hat at great value and I have purchased (and worn out) two previously. My only complaint used to be that the colour of light grey was more of a mid to charcoal gray, with a hint of blue! Now, Christies has finally changed the colour and produced a true light grey, one that matches the ad picture! Fantastic! Now it ticks all my boxes. The C crown, the brim width, the style of the hat, the great feel of the fur felt that cannot be beaten, the exquisite satin lining inside and the size has always been very accurate, unlike some brands. If you want a smart looking hat of great quality, then buy this one made by Christies! The customer service, despatch and delivery from Hats and Caps also cannot be faulted!
5 / 5

By Mr Kenneth White
21 Mar 2015
Another Fedora
My third Fedora from Village Hats. Great hat, excellent service and nice price. Never disappointed. Will be back again.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
21 Apr 2014
My Casablanca
Great service and a well made quality hat. A tight fit for a 62 cm though. needed steaming and stretching to get a comfortable fit. I have hats from another brand like Stetson in 62 cm that are on the edge of being too big.
5 / 5

By Robin Clark
11 Jun 2012
A classic hat
A serious bit of headgear. The fur felt is sumptious. A very stylish item.
5 / 5

By Anonymous
24 Mar 2012
Fantastic delivery time and well packaged. The hat is great but if you want the Bogart Fedora this is not it. However, it is, with the other Christy's Fedoras, the cheapest new fur felt large brimmed Fedora offered anywhere that I can find and I have searched on the net everywhere. All of Christy's Fedoras have a very English look to them which has it's own iconic look but very different from manay American ones and the company - reputedly not as prestigious as it used to be - has found a very good niche these days. This hat is also not 'open crowned' so there is no option to 'bash' it into different shapes. All in all, great hat, great service and I hope to shop here again.
5 / 5

By Mr Greg Morris
18 Feb 2012
Still Going
I'm not trying to promote this site in any way, but i bought this hat last summer and i still love wearing it! I purchased the hat in black. I highly recommend it!!!
5 / 5

By Anonymous
20 Jan 2012
Great hat - great service
Third hat I've bought for my husband in this style - which says it all really. Great service on delivery and returns - would definitely recommend.
5 / 5

14 Jan 2012
Great site, great hat
Very pleased with both the hat and the service.
5 / 5

By Mr Phil Russell
26 Aug 2011
A very stylish titfer!
I just had to get one of these hats, as my previous one, bought in 1985 from a shop in Covent Garden, was actually one size too little for me.

On arrival I found this hat was a perfect fit for my large cranium.

It is of exceptional quality and an absolute pleasure to wear, and I get regular compliments from total strangers on how good it looks.

I highly recommend this hat and as usual, the excellent customer service from the fine purveyors.

5 / 5

By Mr Olivier Jenkins
29 Dec 2010
Superb hat
My parents very generously bought me this hat for Christmas and I was immediately struck by the quality of the hat. The black fur felt is lovely and soft but holds its shape perfectly. I easily re-shaped the front of mine to hang down instead of turning up - for that true Bogart style - and I think it's the perfect hat. It wears very well and oozing quality and classic style I've already received numerous compliments. The quality of the manufacturing suggests that this hat will last me for a good long time to come. I love it so much that I'll probably invest in another one in a different colour in due course. All in all a fantastic quality hat at a good price from a very reliable seller.
5 / 5

By Parker
18 Nov 2010
The Perfect Hat
I bought the grey Casablanca a year ago and it was just perfect, I could find absolutely no faults.
I have just bought the Casablanca in brown and am equally pleased!
It is of such a high quality, with it's plastic covered silk lining, which is great as I wear grease in my hair and it stops it from coming through, and its leather sweat band! People are always commenting on how good it looks!
I would recommend this hat and the customer services of Village hats to anyone! Very knowledgeable and helpful!

The only downside is it's only available in three colours. A navy one would be great!

This hat gets top marks from me! You won't be dissapointed with a Casablanca!
5 / 5

By Anonymous
09 Nov 2010
Great Hat
Very good quality. Great value for money.
5 / 5

By Mr David Howden
27 Oct 2010
Get ahead, get a hat!
I love this hat and it is a real treat at the weekend or on a special day to wear it. So far the wind has only caught it once. I bought the light grey one as well based on other peoples reviews as they said it was in fact a darker grey and this suited me just fine, so I am very happy indeed!
5 / 5

By Anonymous
29 Aug 2010
Excellent Hat
Having owned my Casablanca Fedora several months now, I can say it wears very well and having several wool felt Fedora's you certainly see the difference in the quality of fur felt against wool, much softer and smarter looking and people notice that it's a quality hat. Two downsides for me were like the previous person I also have the hat in Grey and it is more of a medium Grey though still a tad lighter than the Jaxon Fedora. The other being that I personally prefer a cloth headband to a leather one. Though for the quality you receive for the price, I still give it five stars.
4 / 5

By Mr Alan Jewell
25 Jun 2010
Great hat - beware colour
The Light Grey came up a lot darker than I would describe it definately mid to dark grey in my opinion Other than the colour full marks for the hat


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